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Everyday Wellness Guide is a blog about simple, practical wellness routines, health-beneficial raw materials, and natural-based products that can help you better your mental and physical health. Here you will get recommendations for the best products to help you practice healthy habits daily. 

Practicing healthy habits is not an impossible task during a busy work week. Why would you only survive when with little effort, you can thrive?


Everyday Wellness is your safe place for learning, getting inspired, and motivated for self-care. Here you can learn everything about self-care, self-love, and ways to maintain your mental, spiritual, and social well-being. 

Welcome to your Everyday Wellness Guide! We are on this learning journey together!


I am a creative soul who strongly desires a healthier and more hedonistic lifestyle. I am also a wellness and spa enthusiast, a supporter of more sustainable ways of living, a researcher of various sorts, a language lover, a nature enthusiast, and a big nerd for everything creative and knowledge-based.


I am passionate about discovering new ways of physical and mental self-care. I am an absolute advocate of alternative, natural-based health and wellness routines.


My hobbies are my true passions and something I'm looking forward to doing more after a long day at work. In my case, hobbies can get out of control because I get too passionate and engaged. Luckily, this turned out positively. Pursuing a more natural and healthier lifestyle, I discovered and tried many brilliant and valuable things worth sharing. I learned from the experts, tried many different wellness routines and products, and thoroughly researched them. By creating a digital space for sharing knowledge and practical advice on subjects, I wish to inspire, motivate and even help you pursue a healthier everyday life and happier self. In the same way, I did it for myself.  

I want to bring you along as I share my simple wellness advice and experiences, different wellness recipes and routines, wisdom about simple and natural ways to care for our body and mind, and knowledge about the best natural raw materials and products based on these natural materials.

Join me in my lifelong learning adventure. 

Bath Salts and Soap


I was born and raised in Serbia, Belgrade, where I completed my Bachelor's degree in Scandinavian languages, Literature and History. I completed my Master's degree in Trondheim and additional education in Stavanger, Norway, where I live. In other words, my academic background is a fine blend of linguistics, pedagogy, and social and techno-anthropology.


I teach Social Studies, Arts and Crafts, Religion, Ethics, and Language Science at Primary school. And, of course, I create content for this blog. 
Learn more about my education and work experience on Linked In.

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