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If you are looking for DIY spa and wellness ideas that you can do in the comfort of your home, you have come to the right place. 


Nothing is better than a relaxing day at the spa center—feeling physically relaxed and at peace with your thoughts. The opportunity to disconnect from the outside world for a few hours is something that we all need daily. We need to take a break from our everyday life. We need to empty our minds for a while, surround ourselves with peace, quiet, delightful smells, candle lights, bubble baths, treat our body with massage, a face or body treatment, and somehow try to come back to ourselves and our loved ones as a better version of us. At least, this is one of the ways to do it. It's for all recommendations, and everyone should try it. It's only that such a lifestyle costs too much and non less, regular spa treatments are highly time-consuming.


How many times did you go to a spa last year? My answer is twice, and I can't say it was enough. What would be your answer? 

There are many reasons why I started to look into and research different and alternative spa and wellness routines and recipes that I could practice several times a week at my home. Too much stress and work resulted in burnout and low energy levels, leading to too little time for myself and too little energy and willingness for physical and mental self-care. After a long time of only passively reading about all the different natural products, ingredients, and various simple wellness routines and recipes, I slowly started to take action and try, experiment, and apply advice and things I've learned. I realized that self-care isn't only possible if you have much free time and money, no full-time job, or kids. Those are relatively simple choices you make, practice, and stick to on top of all the other life obligations. After all, I owed that to myself. The positive results were slowly but surely visible, and my positive and renewed self came to life. 


I want to share all helpful DIY wellness and spa recipes, skincare routines, and body and mind self-care tricks that I have learned and practiced. You can also make your own spa and wellness sanctuary at home and use many of the ingredients you already have to create some of these wellness recipes.

If you are allergic to any recipe ingredients, omit their use.

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